Kingsroyal Glide Sliding Patio Doors


Soft-Lite’s Kingsroyal Glide patio door is one of the most unique, durable and energy efficient doors on the market today. What makes this door truly exceptional is that it balances this practicality with the luxury and style homeowners desire.

2-Point Locking System

Our two-point mortise locking stainless steel system securely locks the door into the jamb.

Cove-moulded Sash Stiles and Rails

Kingsroyal’s cove-moulded sash stiles and rails are 3-1/2″ wide, a design that provides a slimmer-looking sash and allows for more viewing area through the glass.

UltraSmart™ Weatherstripping

This triple-fin weatherstripping system with UltraFresh® antimicrobial protection minimizes drafts, dust and pollen and fights the growth of mold and bacteria.


Kingsroyal frames, rails and sash stiles are injected with R-5 ComfortFoam, and excellent insulator that improves the door’s thermal effectiveness.

Aluminum-Capped Threshold

This threshold provides durability and longevity in the area of the door that catches continual abuse from foot traffic.


Soft-Lite’s heavy-duty, ball-bearing DuraRoller with its 1-1/4″ diameter dual wheel keeps your door reliably on track.

Allure™ Handles

Available in four durable painted color finishes, each handle set is keyed on the exterior and activates a heavy-duty, stainless steel, two-point locking mechanism.

Metal Reinforcement

Heavy-duty metal reinforcement in all vertical sash stiles makes these doors exceptionally strong and durable.

Energy-Efficient Glass Options

Soft-Lite offers a wide array of high-performance Low-E double- and triple-insulating glass options that will make your new doors even more thermally efficient — to help lower your energy costs and enhance your home’s comfort.

Solid Color Choices

You can choose from a beautiful Soft White or Beige vinyl interior colors.

Interior Woodgrain Finishes

AIP Windows are available in four exquisite interior woodgrain options, Light Oak, Medium Oak, Cherry and Brazilian Cherry.

Exterior Color Coating Finishes

Soft-Lite also offers a myriad of exterior colors to complement the look of practically any home. In addition to our standard exterior color options, additional custom colors are available for a small fee.

Between-the-Glass Mini Blinds

Never clean miniblinds again! Our patio doors lines are offered with convenient and beautiful between the glass blinds. The unique tilt-in design allows you to control the amount of light you let into your home — and you’ll never have the hassle of hard-to-clean miniblinds again.

Decorative Grids

Give your doors the look of true divided lites with decorative internal grids, available in both Flat and Contour and in a variety of options and configurations. Best of all, because they’re between the glass panes, you’ll never have to clean them!

Signature Handles

Signature™ Handles (Our stunning Signature handles — which also come with a two-point locking mechanism — are available in four polyurethane-coated metal colors.

ToeBolt and ThumBolt

ToeBolt™ and ThumBolt™ Vent Locks are effective vent stops that prevent the door from opening more than 3-inches while still allowing for some ventilation.