Bainbridge LE Double Hung Windows


windows-bainbridgePacked with features and loaded with value, the Bainbridge LE™ window is designed to deliver year round energy savings, worry free durability, and to be easy to clean from inside your home.

Comfort Foam™

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We significantly increase the U-factor of your Bainbridge LE windows by filling the extrusions with Comfort™ Foam. The expanding polyurethane insulation foam fills critical spaces in the extrusions and greatly improves the overall thermal effectiveness.

Full-Profile Head

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Our full-profile head provides a classic aesthetic look to enhance the beauty of your home.

Vent Stop

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Feel secure when you leave your windows open, our heavy duty vent locks allow windows to remain partially open without slipping.

Dura Sill™ Engineered Sill

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We have engineered our sloped Dura-Sill™ to provide a tight mortise-cut, double-wall sil dam which extends inside the jamb eliminating the need to caulk an open seam.

Fiberglass Reinforcement

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Reinforced fiberglass composite in meeting rail and sash rail adds strength and improves security.

Cam-Action Lock

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Our cam-action lock pulls sashes tightly together to prevent air infiltration and to make your windows even more efficient.

Certa™ Force Balance System

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AAMA Class 2 device provides smooth and easy operation. This 1/2” stainless steel product never needs lubrication or adjustment.

Strong, extrtuded Metal Screen Frames

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This incredibly strong metal screen frame features unobtrusive black fabric and a matching black spline.

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In general, the better a window’s insulated glass package, the more energy savings and comfort it will provide. One caveat ... don’t be fooled by the focus some manufacturers place on “R” factor by itself. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Guide for Selecting Windows for Energy Efficiency, “The insulating value of an entire window can be very different from the glazing (glass package) alone. Instead, look at the certified NFRC “U” value for the entire window unit. The lower the “U” value the better the window will insulate. Industry standard is a “U” value of 0.30.

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When you choose a solid Soft-Lite color, the “solid” color runs deep from the interior to the exterior of your home. Never worry about scratching the color off. It’s impossible!

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Both of our grid styles come in all the interior and exterior colors of the windows. Your home will be completely color matched. All contour and flat grids are contained within the insulated glass. The grids stay dirt-free for a lifetime and the outside glass remains easy to clean.

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You can choose different grid patterns based on your preferences and your personal home design. Standard grid and contour grids are offered in a variety of options. Grid patterns may vary based on size and configuration of window.

Clear Glass
Low-E Glass
Solarban® SB-70XL

Solarban® SB-70XL® offers up to 94% of ultra-violet fade protection for your drapes and your enterior furnishings... more than any glass package available in windows today. Don’t be misled by claims of so-called low-e packages that claim fade protection. Low-e glass may reduce fading slightly, but does not screen out any of the most damaging UV rays. See actual comparisons above and judge for yourself. Only SB-70XL stands the test of time. This style window is available with any Decorative Grid option.

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