Getting Ready to Buy


getting-readyFinding and buying the right windows.

You’ve done your homework. Now it’s time to find the right dealer/installer for you. Some people can be intimidated by the process, but if you know what you want and what to expect, you’re likely to end up with windows you’ll be happy with for as long as you own your home.

How can I find the right dealer?

It's best to seek out the most qualified dealer/installers in your area and compare what they have to offer. Ask for their references. Ask to see previous projects or to talk to previous customers. Are all their installation crews AAMA certified? Are they members of their local Better Business Bureau?

How can I be sure I'll get a quality product?

Sometimes buyers find a dealer through an advertisement or word-of-mouth, and buy whatever they offer. A better way is to shop for a manufacturer first, then find a dealer who offers exactly what you're looking for. We thank you for your interest in Soft-Lite. We demand a lot from our dealers, and we're happy to help you find one near you.

How can I compare one dealer with another?

There are plenty of dealers out there, so there's no reason to hire one you don't feel completely comfortable with. AAMA certifies dealers' installation crews through its InstallationMasters program. Ask if your dealer has this certification, ask to see photos of previous installations, and ask if you can talk to previous customers about their experiences.

What can I expect when a dealer visits my home?

On the initial visit, a dealer will take a walk around your house inside and out. They'll note the size and style of each window and ask for your input. Be prepared to ask and answer a lot of questions. Your dealer will want to understand your ideas on possible upgrades, and will look for any unusual installation challenges. Above all, be confident, and make sure the dealer understands exactly what you want.

Make sure your dealer carries the product line you're looking for

A dealer may carry products from a particular manufacturer, but they may not carry all the product lines that manufacturer offers. If you've settled on a particular make and model, ask your dealer if they carry that specific product before they visit your home.

Manufacturers Certification

Is your window an AAMA Gold-Label product? Soft-Lite has an AAMA-certified InstallationMasters™ trainer on staff. Ask your dealer if their installers have completed this training. Soft-Lite offers Technical Training Modules to our dealers so our products are truthfully described and presented to you by their associates. Ask your dealer if their sales and service staff have completed this training and ask to see their Soft-Lite Certified Training Academy™ certificate(s) of achievement.

Make a checklist

The best way to ensure you're not missing anything in the buying process is to work from a list of considerations. Our Buyer's Checklist should help make sure you haven't missed anything.

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