Entrance Door

When to Consider Installing a New Entrance Door on Your Home

Entrance DoorFew architectural elements influence the appearance and value of your home as significantly as the front entrance door. Not only is it the first thing people see when they come into your house; it might even be the only thing someone notices at all as they pass on the street or the sidewalk. When they happen to glance at your home, how do you want passers-by to perceive it? If they see a clean, sturdy, well-designed front door, they will be sure to come away with a favorable impression.

How, then, can you make certain that people who see the entrance door to your home − friends, neighbors, family members, maybe even potential buyers − are impressed with what they see? One way is to purchase a an Arrival Series entry door from Soft-Lite. Arrival Series fiberglass doors are as beautiful as wood and as secure and durable as steel, and they come with energy-saving features that can contribute to less costly monthly heating and cooling bills. The question then becomes, when should you replace the entrance door on your home? Here are a few tips:

  • If the door simply looks old and worn out
  • If the door no longer fits snugly within its frame and you begin to feel drafts
  • If you have noticed an increase in heating and cooling bills
  • If the door is no longer easy to maintain
  • If the door’s glass (if any) is cracked, fogged or chipped

Soft-Lite’s entrance door options  include a wide variety of product lines and stylish designs, with or without glass and sidelights.  To learn more about the entrance door options from Soft-Lite, or for details about when it’s time to consider replacing your current door, contact a Soft-Lite dealer near you.