Soft-Lite: The Last Windows Your House Will Ever Need

House WindowsSoft-Lite manufactures the highest-performing house windows in the industry. No other manufacturer is even close. Our windows are beautiful and energy efficient, but what truly sets them apart from the competition is an industry-leading combination of durability and ease of maintenance. Your Soft-Lite windows require very little effort to maintain, and they will be the last windows your home will ever need.

If there is one thing Soft-Lite has learned about house windows during nearly eight decades in the window industry, it is that no two homeowners share exactly the same taste in windows. That’s why Soft-Lite offers such a wide variety of styles, colors, window shapes and product lines. Regardless of your priorities for your home’s windows, Soft-Lite is certain to offer a solution to meet your aesthetic preferences as well as your budget.

When you are in the market for windows for your house, you should never feel limited by selection or price. Soft-Lite has something for everyone, with window styles that include:

  • Single hung – windows with two vertically arranged sashes, one fixed and one that slides up and down
  • Double hung – windows with two vertically arranged sashes, both of which slide up and down
  • Slider – horizontal windows that slide back and forth; similar to a double-hung window turned on its side
  • Picture – large, fixed windows designed to provide a clear view of the outside surroundings
  • Casement – windows with a hinged sash that swings out like a door when a lever handle is turned
  • Awning – horizontal windows that are hinged at the top and open outward
  • Hopper – similar to an awning window, except it opens inward
  • Bay/Bow – a custom assembly of several casement, fixed picture, and/or double-hung windows that projects outward from the home, creating a greater sense of space and a larger view of the outdoors
  • Garden – three-dimensional windows with glass panes on the top and all three sides that project outward from the outer wall of the home
  • Geometric – stationary windows that are cut into ovals, octagons, triangles, circles, and many other specialty shapes

To find out more about our beautiful, durable, energy-efficient house windows, contact a Soft-Lite dealer near you today. Don’t forget to ask about our limited lifetime warranty.