Replacement Windows Binghamton NY

Beautiful, High-Performance Replacement Windows for Homes in Binghamton, NY

Replacement Windows Binghamton NYIf you have become concerned about escalating heating and cooling costs for your home in Binghamton, NY, one way to address it is to have Soft-Lite replacement windows installed. Fluctuating interior temperatures make the air conditioner or home heating system work harder, which can lead to higher monthly utility bills. One reason the interior temperature in a home fluctuates is poorly constructed or aging windows, which is where Soft-Lite comes in.

Replacement windows from Soft-Lite are available in seven distinct product lines, all of which are precision-engineered in our highly-automated facility to ensure a proper fit every time. A proper fit reduces the incidence of air transfer, which is one of the chief causes of wasted energy. If a frame or sash does not fit properly, warm air escapes during the winter and cool air leaks during the summer. The HVAC system in your Binghamton, NY, home naturally will react to the constant change of temperature by turning on and off more frequently, wasting more and more energy. Soft-Lite manufactures windows specifically designed to eliminate that waste. Available energy-saving features of our windows include:

  • Triple-pane, double-pain, or laminated glass options
  • Rigid, multi-chambered master window frame with fused corners
  • Stainless steel, precision-engineered, reinforced attachment points
  • Heavy-duty cam sweep locks with tight seals
  • High-performance Low-E coating and argon or krypton gas between the glass panes to help block damaging UV rays and ensure the highest energy efficiency possible
  • Insulated foam wrap around the frame and sash
  • State-of-the-art weather stripping

Many Soft-Lite windows are ENERGY STAR® qualified in every state, and all Soft-Lite vinyl windows come with a transferable limited lifetime warranty. These are the last replacement windows you’ll ever need for your home in Binghamton, NY. To learn more, contact a Soft-Lite dealer near you.