Replacement Windows Long Island NY

Gorgeous, Durable Replacement Windows for Homes in Long Island, NY

Replacement Windows Long Island NYIf you’re in the market for replacement windows for your Long Island, NY, home, chances are you never want to have to go through the process of purchasing windows again. The best way to ensure that is to buy Soft-Lite vinyl windows, which are made to last for the life of your home. Once you’ve had Soft-Lite’s gorgeous, durable products installed, you’ll never have to worry about shopping for windows again.

Soft-Lite replacement windows are made of vinyl, which won’t rot or deteriorate like wood and won’t corrode like aluminum and other metal. Our windows come in 17 basic exterior colors and an infinite range of customizable exterior colors. We also can provide windows for your Long Island home that mirror the look of wood on the interior, and they come in every shape and window style you can imagine.

Energy efficiency is a hallmark of Soft-Lite replacement windows. The bitterly cold winters and steaming hot summers of Long Island can lead to potentially higher heating and cooling costs if the windows either are aging and worn out or if they were not well-made to begin with. Soft-Lite’s limited lifetime warranty is made possible because our windows are so well-made. Here are just a few available features that contribute to the energy efficiency and durability of Soft-Lite vinyl windows:

  • Fusion-welded sash and frame assembly at our highly automated facility, which ensures perfectly square, plumb, and sized windows
  • K-Beam thermal reinforcement with Kevlar®
  • Ultra-Smart Triple-Fin weatherstripping
  • Endura-Force™ balance system for easy lifting and lowering of sashes
  • Comfort Foam™ fill in the sashes and the frames

To learn more, or to request a quote for replacement windows for your home in Long Island, NY, contact a Soft-Lite dealer near you.