Replacement Windows St. Paul MN

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency in St. Paul, MN, with Replacement Windows from Soft-Lite

Replacement Windows St. Paul MNAs you think about replacement windows for your home in St. Paul, MN, consider the importance of a perfect frame fit. A perfect window fit minimizes air infiltration. Less air infiltration keeps warm air inside during the winter and cool air inside during the summer. A stable interior climate keeps the heating and cooling system from running all day to compensate for fluctuating indoor temperatures. That, in turn, can mean lower heating and cooling costs.

Installing Soft-Lite replacement windows at your home in St. Paul is a great way to ensure the tightest frame fit in the industry. We can do that thanks, in part, to precision-manufacturing at our highly automated facility. Our other energy-efficient features include:

  • Vinyl frames that block heat
  • Two or three panes of glass with an argon or krypton gas fill between the panes
  • Low-E glass coatings
  • Foam insulation inside the frame and sash
  • And more

In addition to potentially saving you a significant amount of money on heating and cooling costs, Soft-Lite replacement windows will beautify your St. Paul home. We have long been considered an industry leader when it comes to providing a seemingly endless variety of colors and styles for replacement windows. Plus, in addition to classic double-hung and single-hung windows, we offer any style you can imagine, including casement, awning, hopper, bay, bow, geometric shape, garden, picture and more.

To learn more about our durable, energy-efficient replacement windows, contact a Soft-Lite dealer serving St. Paul, MN, and elsewhere in the Twin Cities area.