Replacement Windows Tampa FL

Save on Cooling Costs with Gorgeous, Durable Soft-Lite Replacement Windows in Tampa, FL

Replacement Windows Tampa FLHome cooling costs typically surge in the summer months in Tampa, FL, but Soft-Lite replacement windows can help you manage those costs. From June until September, the high temperature rarely dips below 90 degrees and the humidity hovers around 100 percent. Routine afternoon thunderstorms can cause sudden high winds to buffet your home, and then there is the possibility of a tropical storm or hurricane moving through the area.

All of this means that when it is time to consider replacement windows for your home in Tampa, Soft-Lite is the place to turn. Our vinyl windows are precision-engineered to fit perfectly for each individual home and to withstand wind gusts of up to 212 mph. Our Armor Max Plus window line is a rugged, heavy-duty option that can protect your home in hurricanes and other violent weather; they have achieved HVHZ certification, which means they are tested and approved for high-velocity hurricane zones.

The perfect fit of our windows significantly reduces the amount of air infiltration around the frames. The less air infiltration there is, the less heat transfer occurs. Heat transfer − warm air escaping in the winter and cool air escaping in the summer − is what causes the heating and cooling system to turn on and off frequently as it attempts to regulate the interior temperature. The less the air conditioner or heater works, the less money you’ll spend on your monthly utility bill. In addition, our replacement windows:

  • Are practically maintenance-free
  • Are available in 17 standard exterior colors and virtually limitless custom colors
  • Won’t corrode and separate like metal or rot and attract destructive insects like wood
  • Come in many different styles, such as double-hung and geometric shapes
  • Will last the lifetime of your home

To learn more, or for an evaluation of your requirements in replacement windows for your Tampa, FL, home, contact a Soft-Lite dealer near you.