Window Replacement

When to Consider Window Replacement

Window ReplacementWindow replacement is a big project, especially if your home was built a generation ago and still has its original windows. Age alone is not reason enough to purchase replacement windows, but it is true that older windows are more likely to malfunction or fail to provide the security, energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and aesthetic appearance that you could get from Soft-Lite vinyl windows.

As a homeowner, it can be tricky to figure out whether it is time to consider window replacement. Further complicating the issue is determining whether to replace all of your home’s windows, or just a few of them. The decision might be based on budget concerns, a factor that Soft-Lite addresses by offering seven distinct product lines that make purchasing windows affordable for any household. Chances are, though, the determining factor for window replacement will have as much to do with the following variables:

  • A room or rooms in the home that have become drafty because of air infiltration
  • Difficulty shutting, opening or cleaning windows
  • Condensation consistently found on the inside of double- or triple-paned windows
  • Higher than usual heating and cooling costs, coupled with an HVAC system that seems to run constantly

This last consideration − elevated electric bills − actually is one way to justify the initial cost of window replacement, because the long-term cost savings actually could outweigh the upfront price. This is especially true when you purchase Soft-Lite replacement windows, because our windows are precision-engineered for durability. These are the last windows you will ever need to buy.

To learn more about Soft-Lite windows, or for answers to your questions about when it is time to consider window replacement, contact a Soft-Lite dealer near you. Be sure to ask about our transferable limited lifetime warranty.