Armor Impact Plus

Armor Impact Plus Hurricane Windows

Soft-Lite’s Armor Impact Plus hurricane windows protect homes against airborne debris from strong windows, storms and other violent weather. These windows easily pass ASTM Large Missile Impact tests and carry a DP-50 rating. The best part is that you’ll also experience numerous other benefits — such as comfort, efficiency, beauty and more!

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Learn about Armor Impact Plus Window Features

Rigid fusion welded master frame

Our frame has separate chambers to improve insulating properties, as well as strength and rigidity.


Soft-Lite’s unique Comfort Foam inside the frame chambers enhances thermal performance.

Heavy-duty constant force balance system

Constant force balancing, with stainless steel reinforced attachment points, gives you fingertip operation of even the largest double-hung models.

Double push-button cam sweep locks

These locks hold sashes in place during violent weather and will also keep your home safer and more secure.

Zamac 3 zinc-aluminum tilt latches

Found on double-hung models, these latches help keep sashes secure during violent weather, yet let you tilt in sashes easily to make cleaning a breeze.

High-performance glass

Our Low-E and argon glass system ensures that our impact windows help lower home energy costs and make your home more comfortable.

Automotive-type window glazing

Our unique glazing creates a super-tight seal.

Insulating foam wrap

Insulating foam wrap around the frame significantly reduces the possibility of drafts.

PPG Intercept® warm-edge spacer system

This spacer system reduces energy loss through the glass.

Easy-pull tilt latches

Found on double-hung models, these latches let you tilt in sashes easily to make cleaning a breeze.

Easy-to-operate limiting latches

Easy-to-operate limiting latches allow for ventilation while helping to keep children – and your home – safer.

Special premium-grade weatherstripping

Our superior weatherstripping improves insulation and window performance.

Solid Color Choices

You can choose from a beautiful Soft White or Beige vinyl interior colors

Interior Woodgrain Finishes

AIP Windows are available in four exquisite interior woodgrain options, Light Oak, Medium Oak, Cherry and Brazilian Cherry.

Exterior Color Coating Finishes

Soft-LIte also offers a myriad of exterior colors to complement the look of practically any home. In addition to our standard exterior color options, additional custom colors are available for a small fee.

Decorative Grid Options

Give your doors the look of true divided lites with decorative internal grids, available in both Flat and Contour and in a variety of options and configurations. Best of all, because they’re between the glass panes, you’ll never have to clean them!

UV Fade Protection

AMP Windows offer exceptional ultra-violet protection for your drapes and your interior furnishings.

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