Patio Door Replacement with Secure, Energy-Efficient & Durable Hinged or Sliding Doors from Soft-Lite

Patio Door ReplacementPatio door replacement might not be the first item on a homeowner’s agenda when it comes to improving a home’s energy efficiency, but there is no question that the right set of sliding or hinged doors can have a significant impact on the monthly heating or cooling bill. Soft-Lite offers a wide variety of patio doors options in three distinct lines, Kingsroyal Glide, Montpellier Glide, and the ThermaTru Smooth-Star® hinged patio door system.

When considering your patio door replacement choices, one of the first decisions will be whether to go with sliding doors or hinged doors. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you must go with one or the other, simply because that is the type of door you have now. If you currently have sliders, try to imagine a classic set of French doors, or the French door-inspired Smooth-Star® system. Smooth-Star® features the smooth look of fine-painted wood, combined with the ultimate durability and security of fiberglass.

Soft-Lite’s sliding door options, the Kingsroyal Glide and Montpellier lines, are available with heavy-duty stainless steel locking mechanisms, and give you seemingly endless choices when it comes to:

  • Handle colors and finishes
  • Door frame colors
  • Energy efficiency options
  • Security-enhancing options

Speaking of energy efficiency, when it’s time to think about patio door replacement, keep in mind that the glass, the door panel engineering, and weatherstripping all play a role in determining whether your new patio doors help save money on your heating and cooling costs. Montpellier and Kingsroyal Glide patio doors are available with double- or triple-pane insulated glass with argon or krypton gas fill for added insulation. They also have many other energy-saving features, such as ComfortFoam™ insulation in the frames and rails and metal reinforced door stiles.

If you have begun to consider patio door replacement, be sure to check out the many options from Soft-Lite. To learn more, or to schedule a patio door installation, contact a Soft-Lite dealer near you.