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Energy Efficient, Secure Sliding Doors by Soft-Lite

The sliding doors Soft-Lite manufactures are designed for durability, longevity, energy efficiency, and beauty. They will enhance a home from every angle, inside and out. In addition, the energy-saving features available with Soft-Lite’s two distinct product lines have the potential to help save a substantial amount of money on heating and cooling costs. This is an important, if often-overlooked, aspect of patio doors − because of the large glass area, costly air infiltration is almost inevitable unless steps are taken to prevent it.

Soft-Lite Windows Sliding Doors

How do precision-manufactured Soft-Lite sliding doors address the potential for heat transfer related to air infiltration? Before answering that, it’s important to understand how heat transfer can affect your monthly heating or cooling bill. A home’s heating and cooling system is designed to maintain a constant temperature. To do so, it turns on or off as necessary, when the thermostat detects temperature changes. The harder a heating and cooling system is forced to work, the more energy is used, and the more it costs every month.

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Energy-Saving and Security Features

Soft-Lite’s Kingsroyal Glide™ is available with outstanding energy-saving features that significantly reduce heat transfer through the sliding patio doors. Available features and options include:

  • Double-pane insulated glass
  • High- performance Low-E coating
  • Intercept® stainless steel spacer or metal-free Super Spacer with argon or krypton gas fill
  • Triple-fin weather stripping
  • Comfort Foam fill inside frames, sashes, rails, and stiles

Our sliding doors also are available with security features such as a two-point locking system, metal reinforced stiles, and more. To learn more, contact a Soft-Lite dealer near you. Be sure to ask about our limited lifetime warranty, which guarantees that our sliding doors will not rot, rust, warp, pit, corrode, or blister, and that the vinyl colors will remain true for the life of your home.

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