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National crime prevention council

National Crime Prevention Council Sponsor

SoftLite Windows & Doors is a sponsor of the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC). The NCPC’s goal is to help educate and raise public awareness about home security and crime prevention strategies, including window and door security.

Intruder-resistant Features

Homeowners often think about windows in terms of an investment in energy savings, which they are, but the right windows also are an investment in protecting your property against intruders. SoftLite’s intruder-resistant windows meet or exceed all AAMA Gold and ASTM all forced-entry and break-in resistance standards. From superior locks and hardware to durable frames and extrusions, SoftLite products provide structural integrity, safety, and security. Triple-pan glass, vent latches, and locking BetterVue screens are additional deterrents. Additionally, SoftLite’s Elements and Imperial Elite window lines are noteworthy for their security features, including K-Beam Kevlar reinforcement at the lock rail and full meeting rail interlocks – two of which sandwich a polyvinyl butyral interlayer.