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Affordable, Energy-Efficient Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows incorporate two sashes, one fixed and one that slides up and down. Although most homeowners prefer double-hung windows with two operating sashes, single-hung windows are an attractive, more practical choice for some homes. SoftLite’s Single-Hung Windows are ideal for homeowners who are more budget conscious or prefer this operating style, because they improve your home’s appearance and are built to provide decades of thermal efficiency, security, durability, and easy operation.

All single-hungs feature premium-quality, fusion-welded frames and sashes to increase longevity and thermal performance that stand up to the elements and look amazing. The tilt-in bottom sash makes cleaning a breeze and the vent latch limits the bottom sash travel. Minimal air infiltration:

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What people say?

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I LOVE my new Soft-Lite windows! They are so easy to operate and clean AND they look AMAZING!
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These windows are far superior to what we had and the other windows we have in the house in terms of energy efficiency and quality.
Falls Church
Falls ChurchVA
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We are very happy with our new windows. They are easy to open and clean and they close and lock securely with very little effort. No more drafts!
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The windows look great and I can already tell how well they are working. The house is no longer drafty. I really like how easy they are to open and tilt for cleaning. My only concern is how we will install blinds as the replacement window frame leaves a very shallow space for mounting the blinds.
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Our dealer in NC did a fantastic job representing themselves and Soft-Lite windows. The windows look great, and have a slightly larger glass area than other lines we considered, which was important to us. I would recommend Soft-Lite to anyone researching vinyl windows. Excellent value.

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