Why Choose Colored or Brown Vinyl Windows?

Many homeowners today want colored windows without the hassle of having to paint wood windows. Soft-Lite sells maintenance-free, solid brown vinyl windows, beige windows and white windows. In addition, we offer a variety of brown shades and other colors for the EXTERIOR SIDE, ONLY, of your windows.

That’s right! If you want brown vinyl windows on the outside of your home, but you want white or beige on the inside, Soft-Lite can accommodate you! For that matter, you can choose any color under the sun for the exterior side of your windows.

With Soft-Lite’s advanced Sure-Coat™ coloring technology, homeowners can now have the maintenance-free convenience of vinyl windows in any exterior color they want. Soft-Lite offers 14 standard exterior colors and an unlimited selection of custom exterior colors.

Soft-Lite also offers a variety of interior woodgrains and exterior foil laminates.

Note: NOT ALL WINDOW LINES AND MODELS ARE AVAILABLE: 1.) in brown, 2.) in Sure-Coat exterior colors, 3.) in woodgrain finishes, 4.) or, in exterior foil laminates. For more detailed information, please take a closer look at the window lines offered in by Soft-Lite or contact a vinyl window dealer near you.



Soft-Lite brown bay window with copper roof.