5 Ways to Maximize Your Natural Light

transom windows bringing more light into living room

Your home should be a safe, welcoming space that positively impacts your well-being. According to Healthline, natural light affects your overall health and wellness, including boosting Vitamin D, improving sleep, and fighting seasonal depression. Not only is it great for your health, but taking advantage of natural light will boost the aesthetics of any space and is a growing design trend this year because of how much more time we’re spending at home. If you’re looking for ways to maximize natural light in your home, we’ve got you covered with window and door tips to help you bring in more sunshine for a brighter indoor atmosphere.

1) Install Larger Windows

large windows letting light into a room

One simple way of increasing the amount of light in a desired space is replacing your windows with larger windows or a different configuration of windows.

For example, a casement window offers an undivided pane of glass, whereas a single- or double-hung window has some obstruction with the middle sash. Or, if you have two or more windows mulled together, replacing those windows with one large picture window would allow more light to come into your house.

Luckily, we’ve got the perfect solution for you no matter what kind of window you want. Our SoftLite windows are available in various operating styles custom-built to your needs and offer more light into your home. We manufacturer some of the best windows in the industry regarding energy efficiency and performance, so you know you’re getting top-of-the-line energy savings while flooding your home with natural light.

For an added design feature, opt for thinner grids or no grids for a truly unobstructed view. Another item to consider is the type of glass you choose. Some glass packages allow more light in than others. Keep in mind that some glass packages are better at keeping your home more comfortable and protecting your interior from UV rays.

2) Light Window Treatments

Once your new windows are installed, it’s time to consider the window treatments that will further maximize the room’s lighting. Without sacrificing natural light, the most suitable option is translucent shades, as they allow for light to pass through, giving your home a soft glow. You can also implement light-colored curtains made from lightweight materials such as cotton or linen. This solution allows for more light to filter in when the curtains are closed and is an excellent alternative to dark, heavy treatments that block almost all of the natural light.

3) Use Color to Your Advantage

The interior color of your home affects natural light by either reflecting light or absorbing it. Shades of white and other vibrant colors, especially on the walls, brighten up the area because they allow light to spread around and infiltrate the space easier than darker tones. For this reason, choosing a white window frame is a safe and trendy choice as it complements any shade of color, from lights to brights. You can also adopt this strategy to your furnishings, wall decor, and finishes to create a cohesive and clean look with ample lighting. Similarly, strategically placed mirrors and other reflective surfaces do wonders at magnifying rays of sunlight, deceptively flooding the room with even more brightness.

4) Add a Sliding Patio Door

sliding patio doors letting light into a dim room

Known for their sleek design and ease of operation, sliding patio doors add aesthetic appeal to your home. The clear full-view glass panels allow the sun’s rays to shine through and give visibility to the outdoors. Moreover, SoftLite’s energy-efficient glass helps lower your energy costs and improve your home’s comfort. For the homeowner who wants to maximize wall space, adding transom or slidelite windows to your door is perfect for additional illumination into your home. Transom windows are placed above the door, while sidelites stand on the left and/or right side of the door. Just like with windows, choosing thin grids will give your door a distinctive look, while no grids will give your door expansive views.

5) Clean Your Windows

One simple and effective way to maximize natural light is to keep your windows and doors clean and clear year-round! Vinyl windows and doors are virtually maintenance-free. However, as with any product exposed to atmospheric conditions, they will become dirty and require sprucing up. To ensure light can filter through the glass and into your home, clean your windows regularly or as often as needed. See our care and maintenance guidelines to help you maintain the beauty of your windows.

More Natural Light With SoftLite Windows

Now that you understand the benefits of natural lighting and know some important strategies for maximizing it with windows and doors, let us help you clear the way to a bright and sunny interior. Find a SoftLite dealer near you to get started.