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Improving Home Safety

shadow of a person on a window about to break into a home

Don’t wait to secure your home until it’s too late. ADT states that break-ins often occur during the day between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. — when many people are most likely at work or out of the house. Unfortunately, homeowners don’t realize that windows can make a world of difference in making your home more safe. When it comes to securing your home, SoftLite is the only window sponsor for the National Crime Prevention Council, and we offer numerous security options and features to ensure maximum break-in resistance.

Replace your Windows

While it may be obvious, in order to protect your home and valuable items, you need to inspect your windows from both the inside and outside. On the inside, you want to ensure the window can be fully locked and is operational. While on the outside, check for cracks on the frame or glass. Cracks can signify that the window is fragile and older, thus making this a prime opportunity for an intruder to take advantage.

Luckily, several SoftLite windows include a cam-action lock that features a durable zinc-cast design that pulls sashes and interlocks tightly together to not only reduce air infiltration but help secure your window. Another benefit of installing a quality vinyl window is that the fusion-welded sashes and frames are built to be exceptionally strong and durable, which helps prevent air and water infiltration over an extended period of time. As an additional security option, certain SoftLite windows can be constructed to have a reinforcement in the meeting rail and bottom sash rail to ensure maximum structural performance that enhances the overall security of the window.

Furthermore, SoftLite offers window opening control devices as an optional feature. These guards help control the window opening.

Upgrade your  Glass

outdoor entryway of home lit up at night

Home burglaries often involve breaking glass windows to gain entry. While protecting your home is a priority, many homeowners are unwilling to compromise on style. And they shouldn’t have to! Glass panes are not all made equally, some glass options offer better strength and durability than others or even unique features and designs. So, save the unattractive security bars on your beautiful home as a ‘last-resort’ option. Thanks to the never-ending evolution of glass, homeowners now have the option to choose from a variety of SoftLite window products that are aesthetically pleasing while providing an extra layer of safety.

Both tempered glass and laminated glass are stronger options. For example, our Barcelona impact windows are built standard with heavy-duty glass and a thick-walled vinyl frame to combine unmatched strength with superior insulation. In addition, we manufacture these windows with a triple-paned laminated glass designed to withstand severe storm weather and impact from objects (such as intruders trying to break in), making them far less likely to penetrate the glass – even from direct blows.

Know the Window Ratings

Did you know first-floor windows are one of the top areas for intruders to break-in from? ADT found that “23% use a first-floor open window to break into your home.” To give you peace of mind, SoftLite submits products to independent, certified laboratories that test them according to forced entry standards established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). In fact, SoftLite windows and doors meet or exceed all forced-entry standards established by all AAMA Forced-Entry Resistance Testing and ASTM Break-in Resistance Standards. It’s important for window manufacturers to be transparent about where they get window ratings from so homeowners can understand these ratings when they are in the market for new windows.

Other Alternatives

When going away on vacation, the chances of your home being seen as “lived-in” are slim when lights are off in and around the house. Intruders thrive off of not having the spotlight on them when finding ways to pry their way in and one way to deter them from targeting your home is by having lights strategically placed. These areas include around your front and back porch, along the garage, and if possible, on the sides of your home where windows are located. Motion-activated lights or lights on a timer will be the best option since they automatically turn on when you aren’t around. Another solution includes setting your TV or interior lights on a timing system to make the inside of your home appear occupied.

Buying new windows is a big decision, which is why selecting SoftLite gives homeowners the confidence in knowing their home is in good hands with our Lifetime Warranty. Designed to protect your investment, our warranty guarantees our windows will not chip, crack, peel, or blister under conditions of normal wear and regular service. We also include warranty protection on all moving parts and the hermetically insulated seal against defects in materials or workmanship. Find a SoftLite dealer near you to get started on upgrading your windows and securing your home.