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Four Benefits of Refreshing Your Home Inside and Out

Exterior photograph of a house with double hung windows and cream colored siding

When thinking of ways to refresh your home, many ideas come to mind, but we recommend starting with replacing your windows and patio door! If this is a necessary step, rest assured that SoftLite manufactures windows and doors to suit your needs. Next, consider how replacing a window or door can enhance your home’s appearance inside and out, offering more benefits than meets the eye.

1. Keep Allergens Out

Windows don’t have to be open for allergens to get into your home. For example, air leaks from old drafty windows can create a hidden entrance for pollen. Homeowners can quickly check if this is an issue by inspecting their window seams to see if there is a light breeze. While there are no specific windows to combat this common problem, a practical but sometimes overlooked solution is double-pane windows.

SoftLite windows are all constructed with double (or triple) panes to provide long-lasting thermal efficiency, security, and durability. Our extensive selection of product lines come with various options to meet your needs. By replacing your windows, you can significantly help reduce allergens in the home. For example, our Imperial Elite and Elements lines come with  UltraSmart triple-fin weatherstripping and gaskets with Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial protection that minimizes draft, dust, and pollen, mold, and bacteria growth. Plus, you can even get greater benefits such as energy savings since our windows are ENERGY STAR® certified. 

2. Let in More Natural Light

No matter how much natural light your home provides, interiors tend to feel darker in the fall, winter, or during heavy rain, causing  homeowners to have their lights turned on during the day. While there may be times of the day that you’d like to block the light out so you can sleep, there are many benefits to letting natural light into your home. By adding picture windows or a combination of windows into a previously dark space, you’ll be surprised by how much bigger the room appears and the extra light entering the room – even on gloomy days. 

Many benefits come with choosing a solution that increases the natural light in your home. First, it helps reduce your energy consumption by allowing you to leave the lights off during the day. Second, according to Healthline, natural light can help boost vitamin D, ward off seasonal depression, improve sleep, and reduce the health risks associated with fluorescent lighting. Lastly, it will be a selling point when it comes time to list your home, as buyers are attracted to seeing an abundance of natural light coming into the house. As an added bonus, you can easily transfer SoftLite’s Limited Lifetime Warranty to the new homeowner. 


3. Fresh Paint Helps Complement New Windows

After you replace your windows, taking your home up another notch is simple. Repainting the interior of your home is an excellent way to emphasize its stunning new looks. Suppose you have colors that you don’t like (or didn’t even choose!), replacing windows presents the perfect opportunity or excuse to update your home to be truly comfortable. Depending on the color scheme and your unique taste, a fresh coat of soft or neutral paint can help create an optical illusion — making a room feel even more expansive. 

According to MyMove, “Light and bright walls are more reflective, making a space feel open and airy, which helps maximize the effects of natural light. Conversely, dark shades tend to absorb light, making rooms feel smaller.” New paint along with new windows is the best combination for letting more light into your home and enhancing the overall appearance. 

4. Add a Seamless Outdoor Transition 

Patio doors are another great way to create the impression of having more space without sacrificing square footage. Since our Kingsroyal Glide Sliding Patio Door slides into itself, it creates a seamless flow from room to room or transitions into the outdoors. Homeowners looking for a more dramatic entrance to their outdoor space should add transom windows above the door to create the look of high ceilings or sidelites to the sides of the patio door to make the opening look larger. This option is also great for increasing natural light and providing clear views.

Window and Door Replacement Experts

Now that you understand these four benefits of refreshing a home inside and out, it’s time to give your house the improvement it deserves. If you’ve never replaced your windows, view our “What to Know Before you Buy Windows” guide to learn everything there is to know – from choosing a style to hiring a dealer. When you’re ready to begin your window and door replacement project, find a trusted SoftLite dealer near you. 

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