The Panorama – SoftLite’s New Impact-Rated Sliding Glass Door

Interior dining room with a large sliding glass patio door

SoftLite Windows & Doors is proud to announce that it is introducing the new Panorama Sliding Glass Door to its product line-up. The Panorama offers an impact option for customers in coastal or high wind regions with a DP-50 rating which is required in accordance with the American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s standard for air, water, and wind load testing. The doors are rigorously tested to provide outstanding performance during the toughest weather conditions to keep homeowners safe inside during a wind event.

Panorama impact sliding glass doors feature high-performance, Solar Low-E laminated glass comprising a clear polymer layer sandwiched between two panes of glass to protect a home from storm debris, projectiles, and positive and negative design pressure. In addition to the durability of the glass, the Low-E coating with argon gas fill makes this door ENERGY STAR certified which means exceptional thermal efficiency, improved comfort and energy cost savings for homeowners.

“We are very excited about the addition of the Panorama Sliding Glass door to our family of impact-rated products,” said Tom Overs, Vice-President, Dealer Channel for Harvey Building Products. “We have many dealers in coastal areas who need a full line of impact windows and patio doors to present to homeowners. We are pleased that we can meet their needs and provide products that give homeowners peace of mind during violent weather.”

Other features of the Panorama Sliding Glass door include an engaging mortise locking system for security, a dual-position foot lock for venting, and Ultra-Smart weatherstripping to prevent drafts, noise, dust and mold from entering a home. The Panorama joined with SoftLite’s Barcelona impact window line provides homeowners with complete protection for the entire home.