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Three Window Ideas to Increase Privacy

frosted window at a desk to provide privacy

Whether it’s the natural light and fresh air they provide or the fact that they add to a home’s resale value, everyone loves a gorgeous window! However, homeowners on busy streets or with nosey (or loud) neighbors may find themselves lacking privacy. And of course, there are spaces in all homes that require a little more seclusion – bathrooms are certainly one of those rooms as well as spaces like a home office or bedroom. Even a public gathering area in the house, such as the living or family room, can benefit from an extra layer of privacy.

For homeowners who want to capitalize on natural light without dealing with the hassle of window treatments, we have three window privacy solutions that are worth considering.

1. Glass Options

On occasion, window glass itself can become a handy concealment tool (and luckily, there are tons of glass options!). The process is generally referred to as frosting, but the specific methods vary. When choosing a glass option as a privacy solution, there are many styles available and you can design a custom, one-of-a-kind space based on your taste. For homeowners looking to add a touch of seclusion while not losing natural light or beauty, upgrading your glass is the way to go.

Five glass textures showing various levels of privacy. Bronze and Gray glass are tinted. Obscure, Glue Chip, and Rain all have textures to provide more privacy.

At SoftLite, we offer a range of glass to choose from, including tinted or textured glass options. A bronze or gray tint can give your space a calm feeling, provides some privacy, and won’t disrupt your view. You can think of this glass as a ‘filter’ to provide more concealment compared to classic glass. Featuring a distorted finish so people cannot see through it as easily, our textured glass is a popular and tasteful way to provide increased privacy. Depending on personal taste and desired aesthetic, homeowners can choose from our obscure, glue chip, or rain options.

 2. Planning a Remodel? Consider Window Placement

Beyond window treatments such as curtains and blinds, you can also select window designs crafted perfectly for more intimate spaces. Whether you are considering a major renovation or just a bathroom remodel, it’s important to consider window placement. Utilizing windows like our awning or hopper styles will help create privacy without limiting natural light or ventilation. Awning and hopper windows have a hinged top or bottom to allow air to flow into the room while keeping out any rain that might fall. Our inward-opening hopper windows are also ideal for small spaces like bathrooms or even basements.

If ventilation is not a concern and increasing natural light is the priority during your renovation, try a large picture window with your choice of shape. For special openings and accents, we offer a variety of custom-built designs with matching frame profiles and glass options. The trick to ensuring seclusion is by focusing on placing windows in high up spots to prevent onlookers from peeking in.

small awning window providing light and ventilation without providing visibility into the home

custom shaped picture window in eave of home

 3. Sound Reduction Window Options

With the fast-paced world we live in today, sound pollution can be a real problem for many people. Whether that be through loud neighbors or maybe, you’re “that” neighbor and could benefit from added privacy through sound reduction window features. Regardless, noisy environments require quality solutions that minimize disturbances, help you enjoy the quiet of the indoors, and keep at-home conversations private. Coincidentally, one of the easiest ways for noise to enter and escape the home is through its windows, which is why we keep our customers’ needs in mind when it comes to manufacturing our SoftLite windows. With built-in features that help reduce external and internal noises, our high-quality windows help to reduce sound and work overtime to deliver value in more ways than one. Plus, many of the same features that aid with noise reduction also aid in thermal efficiency.

woman in bed covering her ears because her windows allow in too much outside noise

No matter what option you choose to increase your windows for privacy, be mindful of your personal aesthetic and what will work based on your lifestyle. If your current windows aren’t performing the best they can for the spaces in your home, SoftLite is here to make the window replacement process work for your needs! If you feel your home would benefit from a window makeover, start by contacting a SoftLite dealer near you.