Soundproofing Windows

Block Outside Noise by Soundproofing Your Home with Soft-Lite Windows

Soundproofing WindowsSome of the techniques used for soundproofing windows are the same as those used by Soft-Lite to manufacture the most energy-efficient windows in the industry. That’s because sound, like air, always takes the path of least resistance. A tight-fitting window frame manufactured to significantly reduce air infiltration will also deaden sound.

That said, there is a lot more to soundproofing windows than making sure there is a perfect fit for the frame. For example, no matter how well-made a home’s windows are, if the roof, walls, and doors are not equally well-made and insulated, noise pollution could be experienced inside as the window diverts sound to those areas of less resistance.

Here are a few other window-related factors that contribute to sound abatement:

  • Number of panes – double-paned windows will help reduce the amount of noise allowed indoors better than single-paned windows, and triple-paned windows are even more effective.
  • Laminated glass – the window’s sound transmission classification (STC) will be reduced if laminated glass is used, rather than standard glass
  • Other energy-efficient features – high-quality weather stripping and airtight locks and latches can improve STC and reduce noise

To learn more about how soundproofing windows is closely related to the energy efficiency of your home’s windows, contact a Soft-Lite dealer near you.