Entry Doors

Fiberglass entry doors designed for your home

Because of the amount of glass in them, patio doors are typically one of the least energy-efficient elements of your home. The thermal performance of Soft-Lite sliding doors, however, is exceptional. These remarkable doors help keep your home more comfortable and your energy bills low.

Soft-Lite’s Arrival Series Fiberglass Entry Doors are exceptionally beautiful, strong and thermally efficient. You can choose from wood-grained doors with a factory-finished stain, or smooth painted fiberglass doors – all of which are as beautiful as wood and as durable as steel. Arrival Series doors are offered in a wide array of innovative products – from full-glass doors to oval-glass options or a more modern appearance. A wide selection of door configurations, styles, and options allows you to truly custom design your doors and create the best solution for your home.

Arrival Series Entry Doors incorporate many distinct product features, including:

  • Composite rails protect the door at the top and bottom edges to block moisture that can wick into doors.
  • An enhanced lock block combined with 1-1/4” engineered lumber lock stiles increases rigidity and stability.
  • A heat- and cold-resistant polyurethane foam core fills the door, making homes more energy efficient.
  • Premium fiberglass provides years of durability and requires very little maintenance. Unlike wood, fiberglass will not warp or rot; and, unlike steel, it will not dent or rust.
  • Removable weatherstrip, protected by a durable jacket, offers long-lasting sealing power.
  • Hinges with ball-bearing protect each hinge pivot for added support and durability.
  • Composite adjustable sills help to maintain a tight seal between the sill and the bottom of the door.
  • A dual-bulb, dual-fin design helps maintain tight contact with adjustable sill caps and creates added barriers against moisture.

You can also choose from our selection of storm doors, designed to help protect your new entry door from the elements. These doors can be color-matched to your entry door to give your home a beautiful and distinctive appearance.

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