2023 Home Design Trends for Your Home’s Exterior

Interior view of a bay window looking over grassy fields

If you need inspiration for your home exterior makeover, SoftLite’s got you covered. Today, we’re sharing the top five home exterior design trends of 2023.

The first keeps it natural with earth-toned colors. Rich browns, mossy greens, maroons, and navy blues are bringing homes back to nature. Homeowners are even leaving materials like brick unpainted for their natural hue.

The second trend mixes textures for visual impact. Stone, metal, wood, and brick are paired together for visual variety and interest.

The third trend goes back to simplicity with a monochromatic color scheme. Texture still brings visual interest here, but the main impact is a single color on every element. SoftLite windows and doors come in a range of exterior colors and options to fit any color or texture pallet.

Our final two design trends focus on lifestyle through design. Indoor-outdoor living is booming with breezy transitions from home interiors to lush patios and gardens. High-quality sliding patio doors, like SoftLite’s KingsRoyal line, are key to making this transition feel seamless.

Lastly, highlighting a home’s views with the right windows is on-point this year. Large windows with minimal grids or design elements invite homeowners to pause and reflect while gazing outside. From expansive picture windows to unobstructed casements to elegant bays and bows, SoftLite has a selection of window styles to properly frame a view and maximize natural light.

To learn more about SoftLite’s products and start your home exterior makeover today, visit our website at soft-lite.com.