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Saving Money with SoftLite Products

As warm weather approaches, the SoftLite team looks forward to another season of brightening treasured homes with beautiful, reliable, energy-efficient windows and sliding patio doors.

Want to start springtime off with some savings? The Federal Energy Efficient Home Improvement Tax Credits went into effect on January 1, 2023, and will not expire until the end of December 2032. This update means homeowners can claim more for more projects than in previous years, especially if they take place over several years.

The credit amount is mostly limited to 30% of the project cost with an annual cap between $500 and $1,100 for windows and doors. Qualifying products must meet the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient criteria outlined on the ENERGY STAR website. Energy Efficiency Home Improvement Credits are applicable on several of our trusted SoftLite window and patio door product lines to possibly keep more money in your hands. 

Thankfully, all our product lines offer energy-efficient windows, and purchasers may be eligible for a tax credit. Homeowners can use tax Form 5695 to calculate and claim residential energy credits. For further help, the ENERGY STAR® Federal Tax Credit Page provides the most recent information regarding available tax credits. 

SoftLite is a 10-time ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year. Visit our Tax Credits page for more information regarding 2023 ENERGY STAR® credits, plus a full list of qualifying products. And don’t forget to use the Dealer Locator button on the site to find a reputable installer near you!

Window Cleaning
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Window Cleaning Tips

Dirty windows can reduce natural light, obstruct your views, and introduce allergens into your home. Cleaning your windows seasonally is important. SoftLite Windows and Doors offers the following tips to help you clean your windows with ease. To start, wipe down your windows with a dry microfiber cloth to remove

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Window installer holding up a window sash
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What to Know Before Getting a Window Replacement

The average homeowner will purchase replacement windows once in their life. To make yours a worthwhile investment, consider these top factors when researching manufacturers. First – energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR® certifies windows that meet a specific U-Factor and SHGC rating. U-Factor measures the heat transfer to show how well a

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Storm outside of impact window
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The Benefits of Impact Windows for Severe Weather Areas

Impact windows use laminated glass and a heavy-duty, aluminum-reinforced sash to reduce damage from windborne debris. Their primary purpose is stability during severe weather, like a hurricane. Impact windows can handle intense winds and hits from debris without penetrating the window. For example, in structural testing, SoftLite’s Barcelona windows held

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