The Benefits of Impact Windows for Severe Weather Areas

Storm outside of impact window

Impact windows use laminated glass and a heavy-duty, aluminum-reinforced sash to reduce damage from windborne debris. Their primary purpose is stability during severe weather, like a hurricane. Impact windows can handle intense winds and hits from debris without penetrating the window. For example, in structural testing, SoftLite’s Barcelona windows held up to wind gusts up to 195 MPH.

Keeping windows intact during a storm helps preserve the home’s internal air pressure. Although people may not notice that air pressure, it helps the home stay structurally sound to prevent damage to elements like the roof.

But the benefits of impact windows extend beyond weather protection. The added lamination and foam-enhanced frames offer improved insulation that increases energy efficiency and reduces outside noise pollution. Their resistance to shattering can also prevent your family from falling through the glass should they trip. Plus, they offer a safeguard against home intruders who may try to break a window to get in.

With SoftLite windows, you don’t need to sacrifice style for safety. Our Barcelona impact windows and Panorama impact sliding glass patio doors provide homes with beauty and protection. Explore all of our options at