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Your Guide to Hurricane Window Protection

Palm trees in a hurricane

In a hurricane, rain, hail, and other flying debris can break your home’s windows. With the right hurricane window protection, you can guard against these issues. 

At SoftLite, we offer windows specifically designed for homeowners in hurricane-prone areas. Our Barcelona impact windows are rugged, durable, and proven to perform. They can be used to limit storm damage to your home now and in the future.

Window Protection from Hurricanes Is Key 

Among all recorded weather disasters in U.S. history, hurricanes have caused the most deaths and destruction, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office for Coastal Management. You cannot stop hurricanes from happening. But with proper planning, you can minimize their impact.

Hurricane protection for windows is an important part of hurricane preparedness. You can buy impact windows that help protect your home against storm wind-borne debris. 

SoftLite builds our Barcelona windows to last. For example, SoftLite offers impact windows constructed from impact-resistant, laminated glass. Our windows can withstand sustained winds up to 140 mph. On top of that, we have products that are tested and approved for use in high-velocity hurricane zones. 

Additionally, our impact windows feature a marine or wet window glazing that creates a tight seal between the laminated glass and the sash and frame. This helps prevent airborne debris from entering your home during a hurricane. SoftLite’s impact windows also feature an insulated foam wrap around their frame to reduce air infiltration. 

How Impact Windows Offer Protection from Damage

As you explore hurricane window protection options, choose the right windows to protect against hurricane damage.

While impact windows can generally withstand hurricane-force winds, the glass is still likely to break if hit by wind-borne debris. The difference between impact windows and other windows is that impact windows prevent gaping holes in the glass and large dangerous shards of glass from entering the home. The glass is held in the sash or frame with the marine or wet glazing, thus preventing unwanted hurricane-force winds from entering the home and causing structural damage.

This durability comes from the strong laminate between the glass panes. This laminate prevents glass from breaking in the same way as other types of windows. If impact windows break, the windows will form a “spider” pattern at the spot of the impact, keeping the sash within the frame and the laminated glass in the sash or frame. So, while the glass may break, large shards will not enter the home. This prevents gaping holes in the widow’s pressure.

When large holes occur in windows during a storm, the air pressure in the home is compromised. This is when significant damage can occur to your roof and the structure of your home. Even if the laminated glass breaks, the seal on the laminated glass remains intact and won’t affect your home’s air pressure.

Many Impact Window Options Are Available

Before shopping for impact windows, look at all the options at your disposal. Here are four styles of impact windows:

  • Single- and Double-Hung: These windows have one or two sashes that slide up and down and come in various colors.
  • Casement: Casement windows swing open on a hinge
  • Picture: These can help you maximize the natural light entering your home and provide a picturesque view.
  • Sliding: Sliding windows are similar to double-hung windows, except they are horizontal and have sashes that move from side to side.

It pays to explore all available impact window options. Then, you can choose windows that look great and perform well in hurricanes. 

Taping Windows for a Hurricane Can Do More Harm Than Good 

There’s a myth that taping windows for a hurricane prevents them from shattering and breaking into big chunks. This has prompted some people to tape their windows before storms.

If you’re tempted to tape your windows for a hurricane, experts say you shouldn’t.

Taping windows doesn’t make them stronger or more secure. Conversely, it can cause glass to break into large, deadly shards of glass when winds blow through a home during a hurricane.

Go Beyond Using Hurricane Window Shutters

Hurricane window shutters can be beneficial since they can serve as an initial line of defense in a hurricane.

Window shutters for hurricanes must be manually closed. If you’re not home when a hurricane hits and can’t pull your shutters down or screw them into the window openings, they’ll have no effect during the storm. 

On the other hand, impact windows always protect your home, even if a hurricane happens when you’re not there. Just shut and lock your windows, and they are secured for the storm. 

The Benefits of Impact Windows Extend Beyond Hurricane Wind Protection

Along with protection against hurricanes, the benefits of impact windows include:

  • Energy Efficiency: These windows help reduce heat gain in summer and keep heat in your home during winter.
  • Noise Reduction: These windows consist of laminated glass that’s been shown to help reduce noise outside of homes.
  • Security: These windows can make it more difficult than ever before for criminals to break into your home.

Hurricane season is here, but there is still time to invest in hurricane window protection. With help from SoftLite, you can pick up impact windows that will serve you well long into the future. 

To get started, find a SoftLite dealer near you to protect your home with impact windows this hurricane season.