The Benefits of Awning Windows

Awning windows installed in a home

Awning windows are popular options for a variety of rooms. They are stylish and can enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal. Plus, these windows can help you reduce your energy consumption, increase security, and more.

At SoftLite, we are happy to introduce you to our awning window products and all they offer. Awning windows (and many other styles) perfectly complement any style and budget.

What Are Awning Windows? 

Awning windows are often mistaken for casement windows — and for good reason. There are similarities between these types of windows. But it’s important to note that awning and casement windows represent two window options.

Both awning and casement are hinged, crank windows that extend fully outward. An awning window has a hinge at the top and tilts open at the bottom. Meanwhile, a casement window has a hinge on the left or right side of the frame and cranks outward.

Why People Choose Awning Windows

There’s a lot to like about awning windows. Some of the reasons why people choose these windows include:

1. Ventilation

Awning windows generally offer great ventilation. For instance, you can keep an awning window open when it’s raining outside. This ensures you can simultaneously let fresh air inside and keep the elements out.

2. Energy Efficiency

In terms of air infiltration, awning windows tend to leak less air than many traditional windows. This means that less air from the outside leaks in. So, when the windows are closed and locked, more cool air stays inside when the air is on, and more warm air stays inside when you heat your home.

3. Security

Awning windows have a fold-down crank handle that engages easily and has multiple locking points for security. This allows you to quickly and easily lock your windows.  The durable crank and hardware ensure effortless operation. Plus, these windows open a full 90 degrees for easy cleaning. Awning windows have low vertical height requirements, so you can place an awning window high on the wall without compromising your security.

4. Flexibility 

Dozens of attractive awning window options are available. For example, you can choose replacement awning windows in an exterior color or a finish that complements your property’s exterior. Awning windows also come in a variety of sizes and can come mulled horizontally, vertically, or both.

The Bottom Line on Awning Windows 

People often purchase push-out awning windows and enjoy them for years. Be mindful of the fact that they open outward, so exterior clearance is needed. 

Awning windows can be excellent additions in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, basements, and other areas of the home. These windows offer immediate and long-lasting benefits, making them popular options for homeowners.

Of course, awning windows are not right for everyone. If you’re unsure whether an awning window is the best choice for your property, SoftLite can help.

We take the guesswork out of buying windows. Our team can provide you with personalized window recommendations. On top of that, we can answer any questions about awning windows, hopper windows, and our other window styles.   

Find a SoftLite dealer near you to enjoy the benefits of new awning windows.