Everything You Need to Know About SoftLite Patio Doors

sliding patio doors letting light into a dim room

When it comes to patio doors, SoftLite’s sliding patio doors provide the durability, longevity, energy efficiency, and beauty that you need.
Whether selecting a new sliding door or replacing a current one, these doors will enhance your home from every angle, inside and out. By getting to know our two distinct product lines and their benefits, you’ll be able to narrow down the search and find a patio door that suits
your home.

Enhance Your Yard with the Kingsroyal Glide Patio Door

SoftLite’s Kingsroyal Glide Sliding Patio Doors is a premium patio door. This line offers the most customization for homeowners who want
to add personal touches. For your comfort and peace of mind, we’ve loaded this door with features that make it one of the best sliding patio doors on the market.


While there are many ways a patio door can open, a sliding door allows for more functional space around your backyard. Since the
Kingsroyal Glide rolls smoothly into the non-operational door, homeowners can place indoor or outdoor furniture near the door for
additional space. In addition, the heavy-duty DuraRoller provides effortless operation and smooth alignment and keeps the door on
the track.

Design Features

Adding a personal touch to your home is easy with several customizable design options. For starters, choose from our vinyl, laminate,
or Sure-Coat PVC Bond colors for the exterior of your future sliding door. As for the interior colors, we offer two popular vinyl colors,
one laminate, or four exquisite wood grain finishes. All Kingsroyal Glide doors come standard with one of four Allure handles or
upgrade to our Signature handle that offers four premium colors. Lastly, choose between a selection of decorative grids or miniblinds
that go inside the glass, so there is no need to dust.

If you desire a larger, more dramatic entrance to your yard, consider adding transom or sidelite windows. They are sure to allow abundant natural lighting to the room that connects to your outdoor space.

sliding glass door on patioAdded Benefits

While design features are important, what really matters are the benefits you’ll see with our Kingsroyal Glide. In fact, this door is innovatively engineered with UltraSmart™ triple-fin weatherstripping and UltraFresh® antimicrobial protection to minimize drafts, dust, and pollen that fight mold and bacteria growth. Another benefit that will increase your home’s comfort is the ComfortFoam™ insulation that is injected into the frames, rails, and stiles to improve the door’s thermal efficiency.

Optional features to enhance your Kingsroyal Glide include heavy-duty deadbolts, which can be installed as a ThumbBolt™ or ToeBolt™. This easy-to-use feature prevents the door from opening more than a few inches to provide added security and allow airflow to come through. In addition, our durable TuffScreen can be added for increased ventilation while deterring insects and resisting tears and punctures.

Protect Your Home from Inclement Weather with the Panorama Sliding Glass Door

When intense hurricane winds are significant in your area, SoftLite Panorama Sliding Glass Doors are the ideal solution to secure your home. They are rigorously tested and have a DP-50 rating to withstand high forces or shocks over a short period of time.


The Panorama Sliding glass door is a sliding door that offers stunning, wide-open views and durable, laminated glass. Similar to the Kingsroyal Glide, this also means you’ll be able to maximize the space in your home and allow for more effective movement. The door will slide into the non-operational door.patio door with black trim


While this sliding door is known as an impact-rated door, it is still an attractive addition to your home. Offered in a soft-white color, this door comes with your choice of handle colors and optional miniblinds between the glass that raise, draw, and tilt quickly.

Added Benefits

As an impact-rated sliding glass door, it can withstand high forces or shocks occurring over a short period. If severe wind shatters the door, that same pressure can reach the walls and roof and threaten the integrity of the entire structure. Other features include an engaging mortise locking system for security and a dual-position foot lock for venting. Similar to the Kingsroyal Glide, it offers UltraSmart™ weatherstripping to prevent drafts, noise, dust, and mold from entering a home.


The SoftLite Sliding Patio Door Difference

The right patio door will create a world of difference for your home by seamlessly transitioning between outdoor and indoor living spaces. While the Kingsroyal Glide and the Panorama Sliding glass door have unique benefits, they both come with ENERGY STAR®-rated glass that can make all the difference for comfort. Find a SoftLite dealer near you to start replacing or installing your patio door.