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Best Bay & Bow Windows Charlotte, NC SoftLite Windows

Charlotte, NC

We love our new windows! Cost effective, energy efficient and look great to top it all off. Would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Best Windows Peachtree Corners GA SoftLite Windows & Doors

Peachtree Corners, Georgia

We are loving our windows so far! Our 40-year-old house had all original windows, which were single-paned and in rather poor shape (some wouldn’t open, the ones that would open wouldn’t stay open, no screens, etc). Our air conditioner broke at the beginning of the summer and we haven’t been able to get it replaced yet, but our new windows have kept the house much cooler during the day and we’re able to open them at night, making the summer bearable. We love them!

Best Living Room Windows for Homes Chicago, IL SoftLite Windows & Doors
Imperial Elite

Chicago, Illinois

The windows are beautiful and are great for minimizing outdoor noise! We live on a moderately busy street and now it is so quiet and peaceful.

Best Windows Alexandria, VA SoftLite Windows & Doors
Kingsroyal Glide

Alexandria, Virginia

All our windows and doors in our home are now Soft-Lite – great products – we’re very happy with them!

Top Windows Kennesaw, GA SoftLite Windows & Doors

Kennesaw, Georgia

I’m so happy with my new windows. They look great! Outside noise has been drastically minimized and I look forward to lower utility bills after replacing the original windows in this 1954 building.

Best Windows for Homes Charlotte, NC SoftLite Windows & Doors
Classic Plus

Steve & Marsha 
Charlotte, North Carolina

We love watching birds and squirrels from our kitchen table and were not able to with our old windows. Now with our new Soft-Lite windows it’s as if there was nothing between us and the birds. And the windows look great. Thanks, Steve & Marsha Pepper

Best Replacement Windows Chicago Before & After Soft-Lite Windows
Imperial Elite

Chicago, IL

Replaced our beat up casement windows (half of them didn’t open/ close properly and were starting to rot and some were drafty) with double hung. It’s so nice to have windows that work, look nice and keep the heat out in the summer and cold out in the winter. We didn’t like having to buy new windows for a house that was less than 12 years old (we had only been there for a few years) but it was some of the best money we ever spent!

Best Home Windows New Carlisle, OH Soft-Lite Windows
Bainbridge LE

New Carlisle, OH

Great windows, great dealership who we purchased them from and completed the installation. Love the updated look to our home.

Best Windows Matthews, NC Soft-Lite Windows and Doors
Classic Plus

Matthews, NC

These windows are incredible! Beautiful and really insulate the house well.

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